Unit 32 and 17 have the mezzanines installed!

Unit 32’s stairs and mezzanine are in! You can see the lavette and, to the side, the shop sink which are tucked under the stairs.
Another view of the stairs showing the treads, which are made of nicely finished hard pine.
Here is a view of 32’s mezzanine, which, being an end unit, also enjoys a window.
You can see Unit 32’s lighting as well as enjoy the view from the mezzanine. The gas heater is in place as well as the sprinklers, which are in all the units.
Unit 17 has its bath sunk into the back wall. The mezzanine makes up the extra square footage so that the unit has 1,500 total square feet.


The North Lot is close to ready for paving.

We can’t wait for the work to be completed!


The lot is being graded to receive the asphalt soon.

Unit 32 is being readied with its stair and mezzanine coming into place.
Subsurface drainage for the parking lot and roadway is in place.
DSC02250 copy
Soon the asphalt will be integrated into the driveway and parking with Phase 1.

Readying for the blacktop

Progress on the units is going along on schedule as the drainage piping has been laid and the gravel is being leveled to receive the blacktop!

View across the new units to the old.
We have a buyer who has customized his unit…you can see through the combined units.
A front -on look at the new units. We are looking to have half the units sold soon, so, if you’re interested please let us know. We still have a couple of end units!

Our construction is moving along on schedule!

I’m impressed with the quality of the work we’re getting done and how secure the new masonry demising walls are.

Outside facing south.
An interior unit with the demising walls up. The back wall needs to be enclosed between the beams. The bathroom and shop sink need to go in as well as the electrical panel and motorized garage door.


An exterior unit with the demising walls up. The back wall needs to be enclosed between the beams. You can see the window for the mezzanine, which will be installed in this unit. The bathroom and shop sink need to go in as well as the electrical panel and motorized garage door.

Demising walls are being put in place.

The side partition demising walls go all the way to the beams.
Scaffolding is in place to allow workers to cement the block rows. You can see the #6 re-bar which runs through and secures the block.
The masons are busy at work!
This unit is mostly contained. The space under the back beam will be enclosed in fireproof sheetrock. The piping is for the fire sprinklers.
Two of our purchasers wanted a door between their units. If they had requested this after the walls were up, it would have been much more difficult to accommodate them.
There is only one block of four units left with no demising walls in place.
The purchaser for the end units will be putting a double door between his two units. So the end demising wall is awaiting the door frame.
It’ll be tough to use a credit card to get past these locks!


The floor has been poured.

Panoramic interior shot with floor poured.
A panoramic shot of our new building with the floor pour in place.
End unit windows and floor pour
You can see where the windows are set for the end units mezzanines as well as the floor being poured and smoothed.
Pass doors are in place.
The pass doors are in place and the exterior is beginning to shine.

Moving along!! If you’re wanting a couple of units without a demising wall, now is the time!

Great to see our new building up and going together!  You can see the mezzanine windows on the end units and where the haunches are going in for the demising walls.  The conduit that will be bringing electricity and communications to each unit is laid and so are the drain lines for the bathrooms.

If you’re thinking of combining two units, now is the time to let us know as the demising walls are masonry and will be difficult and expensive to take down later!

Come by and take a look!

DSC01410 DSC01407 DSC01411 DSC01413 DSC01416

Work is progressing well. Phase 2 is mostly enclosed!

The structure is in place!


Interior with roof membrane




Demising wall foundations, plumbing and conduit are going in.



Sheathing being applied.